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To provide a framework for the pursuit of public policies within the context of Public Expenditure Management Systems that constantly take due cogniza...
To have a Reform-Minded Ministry imbued with the Principles of Professionalism, Teamwork Spirits and Serving as a Role Model in the pursuit of Economy...

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2019 BUDGET                                                               

Primary Health Care Budget performance report 2019  Download PDF
2019 First Quarter Q1 Report Ver 2  Download PDF
2019 Mid Year Report Final  Download PDF
2019 Third Quarter Report Final Draft
 Download PDF
2019 Full Year Implementation Report  Download PDF
Jigawa State Procurement Law_2019 Amendment  Download PDF
2019 Auditor Generals Report  Download PDF



2019 Budget Presentation by the Governor
2019 Budget Town Hall Meeting Presentation
2019 Town Hall Meeting Activity Report
2019 Consolidated Budget Summary_House of Assembly Version
2019 Revenue Estimates_House of Assembly Version
2019 Recurrent & Capital Expenditure Estimates_House of Assembly Version
2019 Detail Recurrent & Capital Expenditure_House of Assembly Version


 2019 Citizens Budget Inputs
 Jigawa State 2019 Citizens Budget Ver 1
 2019 Budget Call Circular
 0. 2019 Approved Estimates Details_All Entities
 1. 2019 Revenue Estimates_All Sources
 2. 2019 Approved Recurrent Estimates_Consolidated
 3. 2019 Approved Recurrent Estimates_Personnel Cost
 4. 2019 Approved Recurrent Estimates_Other Recurrent   Expenditure
 5. 2019 Approved Capital Expenditure Details
 6. Approved Capital Expenditure by Sectors
 7. Approved Capital Expenditure by Programmes
 2019 Appropriation Law
 2019 Budget Presentation by the Governor
 2019 Consolidated Budget Summary